Murphy Bed with a Desk: Transforming a Small Space

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Murphy beds are a great option for those looking to save space with dual-functioning furniture! A bed that also functions as a desk during daytime is ideal for those who work from home or who are in need of a great working area in a small apartment or condo.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that may help convince you that a Spaceformer Murphy Bed with a desk is perfect for you:

- More space! If you are suffering from lack of living area, a Murphy is absolutely ideal. The Murphy bed is usually installed into the wall of either a living room or a bedroom, and the additional space can be used as you see fit when sleeping time is over.

- Murphy beds are more economically favourable and will not cost a huge chunk of cash. The furniture piece itself is usually not as expensive as one may assume because of its dual functionality. With a good company, installation shouldn't be too expensive, either.

- They are comfortable! In the past, the Murphy bed was deemed uncomfortable because of the typically used mesh mattress as opposed to the classical ideal spring-form. However, Murphy beds have improved in both quality and texture, making them more cozy.

- The bed can easily blend in with previously existing furniture pieces. Murphy beds never look out of place because of their simple and customizable design quality.
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Transitioning from a large home to a small urban condo is no easy feat. Many young families are faced with spacial dilemmas while deciding how best to balance a small space without losing comfort and style.
Here are a few expert-recommended tips and tricks to help make a small space appear larger and more functional:
  1. Try to keep storage hidden. There are many furniture items currently available on the market that make organizing a breeze. Storage should be compact and easily tucked away using hidden cabinetry, for example.
  2. Dual-functioning furniture is best. Look for items such as Murphy beds that have a number of different purposes. By opting for multi-function, homeowners will gain extra space by using a great space-saving solution. Spaceformers offer the same functionality as a Murphy bed, with the added value of a desk in the same unit.
  3. Use vertical space instead of floor space. Always think of moving items up towards the ceiling as opposed to across the floor. There are a number of different storage design items currently available on the market that facilitate such purposes.
  4. Use mirrors and transparent furniture to make the space appear larger.
  5. Divide your living quarters into different zones without walls. Don't think of shared spaces as serving only one purpose. Try to make each room multi-functional in order to receive maximum return on surface area.
With careful planning and thoughtful organization, downsizing can be easier than one may assume. Improve your home now and start researching and shopping online for small-space furniture solutions like a Murphy Bed with a desk.


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